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New Higher Flow Longer Life Silence Dry Vacuum Pumps
High flow quiet vacuum pump,

main feature:

     Than the general commercial vacuum pump carbon tablets have greater wear resistance, longer life, greater exhaust flow, less noise quality, no oil troubles, resistance to time operation.
     Pump and motor separate installation, compared to direct-type vacuum pump easier handling and maintenance, reduce human wear and tear.
     Fast rotation, in the application of mechanical operation more smoothly, whether it is ventilation exhaust, to solve the oil (oil and gas) concerns.
     DSS series of dry vacuum pump, maintenance and easy to save time and reduce the cost of maintenance.

Applies to:

     Automation and semi-automatic machinery, gas transmission, electronics industry, packaging industry, printing machinery, circuit board LED, paper processing machine, laboratory, industrial vacuum packaging and vacuum adsorption.
     Vacuum lifts vacuum sucker robots arm presses binding machines phototypesetter packaging machines.
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